Word Puzzles Inspired by EMINEM’s Lyrics
Word Puzzles Inspired by EMINEM’s Lyrics

Word Puzzles Inspired by EMINEM’s Lyrics

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Welcome to this word puzzle book featuring words from Eminem’s lyrics!

It may surprise you to learn that Eminem has one of the largest vocabularies in the music business. He meticulously scours the dictionary to find new words to include in each song lyric that he writes.

This collection of Word Search and Fill-In Puzzles is based on the rich variety of vocabulary words found in the lyrics of 25 of Eminem’s songs. The same words from each song are used twice—once in the Word Search puzzle and once in the Word Fit puzzle. The last 3 bonus puzzles in each section list a selection of Eminem’s number 1 hits as well as male and female artists with whom he has collaborated.

Over 500 different words are featured in this volume of Word Puzzles and, most importantly, NO CURSE WORDS are to be found anywhere in the book.


The Benefits of Word Search Puzzles

Word search puzzles are a great learning tool and a fun way to review and reinforce vocabulary. The process of search and recognition of letters and words helps to improve and practice spelling. When you come across a word that you don’t know, write the definition next to it and you will also learn new words along the way!

Plus, you can take these puzzles anywhere. They are a quiet way to keep yourself amused no matter where you are. No charging necessary.

If you’re learning English as a second (or third) language, you will also love this book.

84 pages - Solutions for all the puzzles are included.

Perfect for ages 12 to 112.

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