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This new series of parallel text books all feature interesting, non-fiction topics, that will allow you to benefit not only from learning your target language, but also from its message.

Our parallel text books are specially designed and follow a sensible sentence-by-sentence format, making it easy to spot an unknown word in your native language in the sentence just below the one you are reading.

These parallel text books are for Intermediate-Advanced Greek or Italian learners whose first language is English.

Advanced students of English whose first language is Greek or Italian can also use these books to improve their English. The introduction in each volume of the Greek Travel Diary book series is provided in both languages for this purpose.

The Greek Travel Diaries book series can be read in any order.

Each book takes you to 3 or 4 different places in Greece as they were over a century ago. So just pick the one with the places you want to read about! 

These books can be used in the classroom or at home, anywhere in the world.

For bulk orders, get in touch with Eleni at info [at] lenacke.com.

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  • Great Greek Women Trailblazers: Greek-English Parallel Text
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