Color in the CATS: 50 Word Search Puzzles All About Cats!
Color in the CATS: 50 Word Search Puzzles All About Cats!

Color in the CATS: 50 Word Search Puzzles All About Cats!

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Welcome to this beautiful Color in the Cats Word Search book!

It includes 600 words that describe cats, including aloof, sure-footed, amusing, independent, comic and many more.

The letters in the puzzle grid are shaped like cats! They are perfect for coloring in after you find a word. And the words in the list can also be colored in so it’s DOUBLE THE FUN!

This book is ideal for kids and adults who love cats and kittens and are interested in learning the many different words there are to describe them.

Solving these word search puzzles is also a great pastime, allowing you to take a break from the screen and relax while on vacation, away from school or work, on rainy days, snowy days, on road trips, and more. This book also makes a great gift for birthday parties, and to friends and family as well!


The Benefits of Word Search Puzzles

Word search puzzles are a great learning tool and a fun way to review and reinforce vocabulary. The process of search and recognition of letters and words helps to improve and practice spelling. When you come across a word that you don’t know, write the definition next to it and you will also learn new words along the way!

Plus, you can take these puzzles anywhere. They are a quiet way to keep yourself amused no matter where you are. No charging necessary.

Learners of English as a second language will also love this book!

60 pages - Solutions for all the puzzles are included.

Perfect for ages 6 to 106.









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