About Lenacke Press

Established in 2018 by writer-editor-proofreader, Eleni Maria Georgiou, Lenacke Press [pronounced le-NAK-ee] is a Greece-based, online publishing company that self-publishes original non-fiction bilingual books, bilingual word puzzle books, pretty Sudoku books, and phrase books.

We promote bilingualism, literacy, and learning using fun methods to get people excited about learning a second or third language. In addition, we offer our books for sale as corporate gifts, and in hotel gift shops as puzzle book souvenirs. In short, Lenacke Press strives to increase the selection and quality of bilingual books and change how the world reads books.
Please check back, as we will continue to build our list of books that entertain, inspire, and help you to learn something new.

About Eleni

Eleni Maria Georgiou

Eleni Maria Georgiou is a professional non-fiction writer, copy editor, and proofreader, originally from Toronto, Canada. 

Since 2004, she has worked with numerous publishing houses, including Sage Publications, Verso Books, Express Publishing, and New Editions. For more details about her non-fiction Proofreading and Translation services, please visit fixyourenglish.com.

For four exciting years, Eleni also co-managed XpatAthens, a website that provides information in English about life in Athens and Greece as well as 'What's On' in the city. This experience inspired her to write her first book, Eleni’s GREEK PHRASE BOOK: A Beginner's Guide to Greek Culture and the Greek Language and she continues to write, think about, and come up with creative and original books to add to the Lenacke Press collection.

Check out her new series of Greek-English Parallel Text books called Greek Travel Diaries by 19th-century Writers: Greek-English Parallel Text, Volumes 1-4.

Eleni currently lives in Athens, Greece with her husband and two kids. She is fluent in both English and Greek and absolutely adores French. When she's not out organizing group events, she is interested in reading (of course!), listening to podcasts or audiobooks, writing, weight lifting, and hiking.

If you have any questions, you can reach Eleni at info [at] lenacke.com.